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Hello World

Emerging from my cave and I feel just fine

Hello world is what programmers learn to write first when they first set out to start coding. It’s usually like a very short script that doesn’t do anything but make the computer print out the words “Hello world” on the screen. I thought it might be appropriate to title my first post on the new platform like that.

I’ve not been super active in updating the Love Street Counselling website and that’s because of some personal stuff that’s going on that’s made it so I’ve chosen to take a break from counselling for the time being. I figure I might as well make use of this domain though, seeing as I still own it and would be a shame to let it go to waste.

Back in the 90s internet days the internet was full of various domains for people’s personal pet projects, and I’ve always thought that sort of thing was to be encouraged. So I should really put my money where my mouth is and bring some of that 90s magic back on the internet, shouldn’t I? So here’s one such project, where I will post maybe my hot takes on mental health stuff, general ramblings and so on. I don’t happen to have a .gif of a “work in progress” sign or spinning mesh skulls handy, so this post will have to do in the mean while.