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learning about internet reading that RTFM

Learning about the internet at 41

a confused man in front of computer

Having spent the most of my life with ubiquitous internet I was surprised at having had to do some work on setting the DNS settings for my domain (I know, how very mental health related).

It turns out there’s something like a 48h period of waiting involved in this operation, while the internet sort of figures out where the domain is supposed to go, and propagates the rules across the network. It’s something of a surprise to me to see that not everything online is instant gratification even now.

Anyways, having configured this and having sat down to write about it I thought I’d share it with the wider world, because why not? Isn’t that what we’re meant to do online? Isn’t that what the information super highway was designed for?

This new website builder comes with some built-in SEO tools, but I have a sneaky suspicion if I just keep writing things in my own words rather than use ChatGPT, I’ll achieve some sort of an edge in getting this content out there. Who knows? It could work.