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an island

My Island Adventure Awaits

It’s quite emotional leaving behind your home of 10+ years but at the same time it’s quite exciting. To set out on a new journey and start building your life again in a more quiet setting might be just what I need. My family has been extraordinarily supportive over the past couple of weeks of turmoil, for which I am more grateful than I can say.

Also, as a side note, how good is renting now? Having not had to rent for over a decade has obviously left me a bit shell shocked in terms of where the prices are now, but the actual practice of securing a place to rent was much much smoother than it was in 2011 (how the time does fly!) Back then I think we had to go in to an actual rental agency and look at what they had. Now, it’s all online and much better for it! I managed to spy a property on Thursday, got a viewing on Friday, and got the paperwork completed on Sunday. All without ever talking to a person on the phone or in real life. Love it!

Now just to wait for the bank to actually move my deposit over to the landlord’s account… now there’s something that hasn’t changed!

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