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  • Accidental Cognitive-Behavioural exercise

    Accidental Cognitive-Behavioural exercise

    I thought I’d share a bit about an exercise that me and my wife came up with to help me with some challenging thoughts I have been struggling with. I think it’s sort of based in cognitive-behavioural therapy principles – maybe you could think about it as a simplified form of the ABC technique, useful…

  • The light at the end of the tunnel

    The light at the end of the tunnel

    Feels like there might be some light at the end of this tunnel after all. I’ve been not having as many dark and bad thoughts today. Today marks in fact the first day I’ve not broken down crying since last Thursday. The dark and gloomy mood has been replaced with something approaching nervous apprehension about…

  • Learning about the internet at age 41 – Part 2

    Learning about the internet at age 41 – Part 2

    Well well well, it looks like instead of DNS changes propagating at a snail’s pace, I have instead made a mistake in configuring my DNS settings. That’s a bit of an egg on my face. Imagine blogging into the void for a whole two days with nobody being able to see your posts. Oh well,…

  • Learning about the internet at 41

    Learning about the internet at 41

    Having spent the most of my life with ubiquitous internet I was surprised at having had to do some work on setting the DNS settings for my domain (I know, how very mental health related). It turns out there’s something like a 48h period of waiting involved in this operation, while the internet sort of…