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  • We’re at Peak AI

    We’re at Peak AI

    Apparently we’re reaching peak AI soon! The large language models have exhausted all the available written material on the internet, and AI companies are struggling to find alternative data sources with genuine human writing. Now anyone who’s spent any time at all on the internet in the last year will be aware of how prevalent…

  • Learning about the internet at age 41 – Part 2

    Learning about the internet at age 41 – Part 2

    Well well well, it looks like instead of DNS changes propagating at a snail’s pace, I have instead made a mistake in configuring my DNS settings. That’s a bit of an egg on my face. Imagine blogging into the void for a whole two days with nobody being able to see your posts. Oh well,…

  • Learning about the internet at 41

    Learning about the internet at 41

    Having spent the most of my life with ubiquitous internet I was surprised at having had to do some work on setting the DNS settings for my domain (I know, how very mental health related). It turns out there’s something like a 48h period of waiting involved in this operation, while the internet sort of…